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Celestia necklace

The mystical fall of godly tears from the heavens is recreated with three lines of bezel-set round brilliant diamonds that slowly turn to pear-shaped diamonds in a detachable diamond tassel motif, reminiscent of a single sparkling droplet of water.

About the Collection

The Ancient Greeks and Romans looked upon diamonds as tears from the gods, fallen from the heavens to the earthly world below in a journey known as Celestia. The light within each diamond was thought to reflect the strength of godly emotions and the purest celebration of their love for mankind.

Discover Ra
Discover Celestia

For centuries, diamonds have been at the heart of myths that transcend history and span cultures. To tell these ancient stories of heaven and earth, De Beers has created four High Jewellery sets inspired by an iconic diamond legend and its godly origin. Each peerless diamond jewellery design reflects 130-years of passionate diamond expertise, and the intimate connection to diamonds that makes De Beers the Home of Diamonds Since 1888.

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