Through Moments in Light, we are delighted to continue in our celebration of women who are masters of their craft. As the Jeweller of Light, our designs are artfully conceived to honour the light of the diamond; it is with this same reverence that we honour the brilliance of remarkably talented women.

In collaboration with our curator, renowned photographer Mary McCartney, we launched Moments in Light in 2014 with five inspirational women: Alice Temperley, Cornelia Parker, Chen Man, Skye Gyngell and Azure Barton.

In 2015 we continue by highlighting four additional women – Diana Krall, Zaha Hadid, Liya Kebede and Karen Mok – to explore their talents and their Moments in Light, exceptional moments of their lives that they hold most cherished.

This year, 2016 we have created “London Dreams” – a photography series by Mary McCartney, featuring Michelle Yeoh, taking inspiration from Michelle’s childhood in the British capital city and her journey to stardom with grace and class.

To capture their craft and unique brilliance, Mary McCartney used her own outstanding talent to photograph each of the eminent women and portray their illuminated moments.

Throughout the Moments in Light celebration, we will be supporting ‘Women for Women International’, an organisation that seeks to help female survivors of war zones rebuild their lives.

Our curator

Mary McCartney

De Beers is delighted to collaborate with photographer Mary McCartney in the Moments in Light celebration of talented women. A master of her craft in her own right, Mary is renowned for her ability to capture a spontaneous intimacy in her portraits and candid reportage. She has again achieved this in a series of portraits of these talented women, curated by Mary for De Beers Moments in Light.



In support of Women for Women International

De Beers Moments in Light is proud to support the Women for Women charity, who provide assistance to women in war-torn regions with financial and emotional aid. We are currently sponsoring 125 women on behalf of the Moments in Light ambassadors.


A Diamond is forever