De Beers Aura Cushion Cut Solitaire Ring

De Beers Aura Cushion Cut Solitaire Ring                 This image is for illustration purposes. To discover the brilliance of our diamonds, arrange a viewing at one of our stores.
De Beers Aura Cushion Cut Solitaire Ring
Priced from: HK$49,500.00

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Priced from: HK$49,500.00
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Captivating and lustrous, the thread pavé of the De Beers Aura collection delicately frames and enhances the solitaire diamond with a wondrous halo, exuding radiant energy. This stunning 2.2 mm (0.09 in.) wide platinum ring is prong set with a cushion-cut diamond solitaire embraced by a sparkling micropavéd halo setting. A wide selection of colour and clarity grades is available in our stores.

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