Over the years, natural carnelian has become very rare. For the Ancient Egyptians, the rich red colour of carnelian was considered to offer protection in the afterlife. Throughout history it has been associated with strength, love and passion and thought to bestow its wearer with motivation, energy and courage.

At De Beers, we are proud to use only natural, untreated gemstones in our jewellery. These beautiful materials are delicate and require care to retain their characteristic colour and finish.

To prevent damage or scratching, we recommend storing your Enchanted Lotus piece in a fabric-lined box or soft cloth, avoiding contact with hard surfaces or other jewellery.

Keep pieces away from perfumes, lotion, hairspray and household chemicals as these could also cause damage, along with prolonged exposure to extreme heat, sunlight and chlorine. We advise taking jewellery off before showering or swimming.

Clean your Enchanted Lotus jewellery with a dry soft cloth for the best results – use of a diamond polishing cloth could scratch the surface of the carnelian.